Spring Summer 2025 Collection


It’s all about luxury, calm and pleasure… Sketches of decors inspired by the richness of Eastern cultures. Softness, sophistication, fineness, our designs introduce the notion of savoir-faire and the time it takes to create of beautiful works.


Slam the door on austerity and official culture and open up to wild and crazy creativity from Asia. Fanciful experiments, pop references, youth expresses themselves in a fun, colorful and vibrant way!


Joyful and rebellious, cultural mosaics and aesthetic mixes attract attention and convey maximum optimism. We come together to party and bring out a new collaborative and expressive spirit.


The work with raw material is approached in a proactive manner. Back to basics and natural materials are highlighted. Stamped, hammered, gestures and treatments to the surface are strong while retaining their original character.


Let’s have fun and go fishing for colors, in a joyful, collective frame of mind with a touch of craziness.


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