Fabrication de boutons Made in France

At the same time as its seasonal collections, Crépin Petit supports you to develop specific products.

Our R&D department works in collaboration with you to design and make the product you want and represents your brand.

In addition to its creative know-how, our team provides you answers and technical advices regarding the materials, finishes, sizes and also fixings in order to have a designed product in line with the conditions under which it will be exposed.

Our working method



Definition of the product to design and make : buttons, buckles, sequins, pins or others


Size and fixing

Validation of a size (line or millimetre) and fixing system (hole number, tail, tie…) corresponding to the needs of the final product : wood, polyester, zamac, nylon, mother of pearl, horn, recycled material, corozo



Selection of a material (wood, polyester, zamac, nylon, mother of pearl, horn, recycled material, corozo,…) in line with your values and technical needs (resistance, washing ,…)


Front and/or pattern

Working together on the pattern and/or font you want on the product and advice on its adaptability on it



Proposition of different finishes to get the wanted aspect (visual or touch effect) and also to be adapted to the technical conditions (protection, resistance, holding…) of the final product

  • For the dyeing customization, we work from Pantone colors ® or fabric samples to dye your accessories precisely.
  • If you need to refine your project, our team dedicated to development answers to your requests and provides you specific advices.
  • To create a customized button with your logo, text or drawing, we invite you to send your vectorized PDF document by the form.
  • Our team also assists you if you need a specific finish on a product already made (for example : finish on a perfumery product)
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