Fall Winter 2024-2025 Collection


Our world is so complex that it is pleasant to remember the time when the future appeared more cheerful.

It seems essential to go back to basics, to a local way of life and to regional know-how.


If we imagined a better world where differences would facilitate reconciliation?

To reinvent it all with a committed and meaningful position that leads to products suitable for everyone in any circumstance.


Choose to face reality through a fantastic lens in a show of curiosity cabinets, alchemistic experiences, playing with materials, shadows and lights.

Dark romanticism explores our subconscious with grandiloquence.


With a wave of a magic wand, innovation unites connection and care to invent a gentler world.

A poetic and magical world in which each and every one, feeling protected and reassured, is able to pursue their desires.


Escape into fantastic worlds… or come back down to earth? Le’s give free rein to imagination!


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