Surface treatment by spraying

Surface treatment by spraying provides a real originality and identity to the treated parts. 

The possibilities of colouring and decorating are numerous. Effective, adhesive and highly resistant, this method can be used on all kinds of materials and lets visible the support or, on the contrary, conceals it completly. 

An infinite range of aspects  

Define with us the aspect you want to give to your product. It can be a visual effect (glittered, metallized, spotted, leather imitation…), a touch effect (rubber effect, printing…) or just a protective varnish, we are at your disposal to create with you the treatment that will match with your expectations. 

Our know-how 

We develop in our workshop the processes of your projects and we file them to have a follow-up. We do a regular control in order to garantee that our methods remain in compliance with the OEKO TEX certification.

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