Epoxy resine

Epoxy resin, once injected into the cavity of an object, changes its appearance completely, adding colour and texture.
Translucent or matt, we give you the choice to best meet your needs
Applicable to all types of materials, it will give to the piece the appearance of a jewel.

Resin application

The epoxy resin, once deposited, perfectly matches the shapes into which it is injected. This allows for unique, original and elegant creations. The colour combinations are infinite and it is also possible to choose between a resin that conceals the support (matt or glossy) or a translucent resin that allows it to be seen through.

Application on all surfaces

The epoxy resin application technique brings a real added value to our buttons, but can also bring significant added value to objects unrelated to clothing, such as costume jewellery, decorative accessories, …

Our know-how

At Crépin Petit, our know-how is our strength. Our enamellers work and perfect the creations at your request using a resin that complies with the OEKO Tex standard, which bans all use of toxic, allergenic or heavy metal-containing products.

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