Laser engraving

The engraving, carried out by laser, gives relief to your pieces with great precision without altering their solidity. 
This method works on all types of materials offered by Crépin Petit, such as polyester, zamac or natural materials.

Engraving, combined with another surface treatment, allows us to create decorations of a high esthetic level.

High precision for beautiful parts

Laser engraving allows the creation of patterns, logos or brand names with great precision. It is possible to engrave in contrast, i.e. after the object has been coloured to give it relief and to let the original support appear. Uniform engraving is when the engraving is done before the object is coloured, so that the engraved area and the object have the same colour.

Our know-how 

Crépin Petit has two laser engraving technologies. One, called “CO2”, allows natural materials or polyester materials to be engraved by burning. The other, called “YAG”, allows the engraving of plastics and metals, not by burning but by modifying the structure of the engraved parts.

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